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In an unknown footure, you must stand toe to toe against The Interdimensional Feeteration, an organization of sentient, celestial, severed feet who wants to use Earth as a stepping stone for Universal  Domination. It's up to you, a humble bazooka owner, to go one step beyond and wear them out in a stylish endless battle royale. Our second project on Unity :)

Published Oct 30, 2017
Authorsdevlog98, RazorFinger
Tags3D, Endless, Low-poly, spjam2017

Install instructions

Just Extract and Run


Day of the Feet_Build_2018_02_15.rar 13 MB

Development log


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Sup boys! Really liked the final result after all, I was surprised by the rocket launcher, launched the game and was like "WHERE IS MY GODDAMN CROSSBOW?". Hit me up so we can polish this thing if you guys are interested! Best regards

Thanks for all the advices, sir. They truly helped us on this game making journey... and let's keep in touch! Maybe the Crossbow will be featured in the sequel ;)


Very cool gameplay, some few bugs, but due to the game type and the time you all got, its completly understandable.
Couldn't change my "shoe type", also the exit button didnt work.

it could have an ending, perhaps? or maybe an placar screen since the game seems based on score/time.

Anyway, it's a really good job

Thanks for the feedback, sir. The original idea was indeed for the score to be displayed on death... unfortunately we couldn't manage to implement the right code in time. But stay tuned as we will soon launch a new, more polished version of the project!